Our Drinks

Our Real Ales and Traditional Ciders

We don’t have a policy of running “permanent” ales here.  What we like to do instead is to rotate guest ales until we find one which is particularly popular and give it a run on the bar.  What we always do, though, is try to ensure that we always offer a proper variety of strengths, styles and colours to ensure there will be something on the bar for everybody.  

We are very keen to support local brewers and there will always be a “locale” beer on our bar.  However, we also appreciate that there are lovely beers brewed all over the UK and we like to offer the very best of those alongside the local brews.

We attempt to stock the very best quality ales and keep them in perfect condition and this was borne out by our most recent Cask Marque visit, in which we achieved 5 out of 5 on all six of our ales.

We are passionate about our ales and promote the “try before you buy” policy.  Our staff are all knowledgeable and will be keen to talk you through our range and ensure you get to drink a beer you will really enjoy.

We are also keen on real ciders and, as well as offering two lovely keg versions, we also pour two still ciders direct from the cask in the cellar behind the bar.  You will find our current selection at the end of the list of ales.


We offer a wide choice of lagers here, some which are brewed in the UK and some which are brewed in their country of origin. We sell Fosters and Amstel for those who like a "session" lager, Heineken (brewed to the original Dutch recipe), and the lovely imported Italian lager Birra Moretti. We also serve the fantastically popular Spanish lager Cruzcampo. 

Craft Keg

We serve both Beavertown Neck oil and Gamma Ray on our craft keg pump but we are putting in place a system whereby we will be able to rotate our craft keg beers to include those from local breweries. Watch this space!


Stowford Press Weston's Cider 4.5% 
Stowford Press is a sparkling medium dry cider which has built its popularity on its premium taste and quality.

Hogs Back Hazy Hog 5.0%
A slightly cloudy and delightfully fruity keg cider. Made by one of the best cider makers in the West Country for Hogs Back, this is very nice indeed.

Please scroll down to see our guest ales and our “coming soons”



A great golden beer - probably the first of the new age of these. Rich and full-bodied with a taste like oaked chardonnay! IN THE CELLAR


Ranmore Ale

Surrey Hills

Perhaps the most refreshing, thirst-quenching citric golden ale on this planet. This highly respected Dorking brewery has proved itself to be masters of the modern golden beer style. NOW POURING


Naked Ladies

Twickenham Brewery

A big, intensely bitter and yet beautifully balanced pale best bitter in the modern style. IN THE CELLAR


Shere Drop

Surrey Hills

The flagship beer of this great little brewery and Champion Beer GBBF 2019. Golden and citric but with a rich backbone. IN THE CELLAR



Triple fff

One of the first beers to use the American hop Cascade, which gives citric balance to a good old English best bitter. A great favourite here. IN THE CELLAR


DB One

Dorking Brewery

A modern version of the classic English brown beer. Lots of mellow fruit comes from great malt extraction and the balance comes from old fashioned English hops. ENJOYING A RUN



Triple fff

Originally brewed to commemorate the Coronation, this is a deep golden, rich and mouth-filling delicious beer with lovely New World hops to make it complete. Smashing! IN THE CELLAR




A wonderful, rich and yet refreshing APA from our friends near Petworth. Great hopping brings a real bite and it is fantastic that we can now have this old favourite back on our bar. IN THE CELLAR


Hip Hop


A very pale, crisp and refreshing citric ale from this lovely brewery between Midhurst and Petworth. NOW POURING


Revival - Evening Star


Having shared many beers with one of the founders of Dark Star brewery (which started its life at the Evening Star in Brighton), our man at Downlands managed to extract the original recipe for their American Pale Ale from him. This beer is a tribute to the man, the brewery which was and, of course, to the beer. IN THE CELLAR


Plum Porter

Kissing Gate

Dark sweet and gorgeous! NOW POURING


Sussex Best


A classic best bitter, using only the finest ingredients and brewed with an ancient yeast strain which gives the beer immediate recognition. Brown, slightly sweet and enormously popular. NOW POURING



Triple fff

A really lovely, rich and fruity ale which is made using lager malt, hops and yeast. It was a great favourite at our recent beerex. IN THE CELLAR


Blonde Witch


A full-bodied golden ale from Burnley, which was home to our dearly departed friend Tom and we drink this beer in his memory. NOW POURING


Day Tripper


An old favourite returns. Pale and completely refreshing, this is the perfect beer for summer. IN THE CELLAR


It's About Today


A lovely pale and refreshing beer that's full of adventurous hopping. IN THE CELLAR


Missing Flux


This is our first India Stout and it is a complete delight. Black as any stout but finished with New World IPA hopping. Fabulous! IN THE CELLAR


Little Green Nutter

Kissing Gate

A pale and crisp strong ale with a hint of nuttiness. IN THE CELLAR


Cherries and Berries


A sweet and rich delight of fruit from this wonderful Somerset cider maker. NOW POURING




Inch's believe that cider making is about all the little things, that finishing touch of care or that extra moment of attention. Not going that extra mile, but going that extra Inch. Because when you add up all the little things you create a better tasting cider.



Lilleys Cider

A sweet and exotic flavoured cider from Somerset. Suitable for vegans. NOW POURING




The colour of this unique cider gives it a vibrant character all of its own for those who want an alternative refreshing drink with a touch of natural sparkle. NOW POURING