Covid 19 Safety Measures


Covid 19 Customer risk assesment
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Covid 19 Table number information

We are delighted to have re-opened and it’s great to see so many of our old friends back again but, in order to keep everyone safe and to comply with Government guidelines, we now trade under the following conditions:-

1/ From 3rd August we shall be opening at lunchtimes Monday to Wednesday as well and we will keep going until 9pm on Fridays.

2/  Food – From 3rd August we will be offering food lunchtimes and evenings Monday to Wednesday to take advantage of the Government's "Eat Out to Help Out" half price food scheme. We shall also be serving food all day Saturday, albeit at full price. Please see the Food section of this site for full information.

3/ Register – You will need to register your presence by text upon arrival and again upon departure.  The number to text to will be on your table and staff will help you.  If you expect to return why not store the number in your contacts on your phone?

4/ Outdoor Table Service Only – for safety reasons we will only allow you into the pub to use the toilets and so we would ask you to go straight to an available table (either at the front or at the back of the pub) and allow us to come to you.  There is tentage over nearly all tables, so don’t let drizzle put you off.  If it pours down we won’t open. We welcome drinkers who walk in but PLEASE BOOK IF YOU WANT TO EAT.

5/  Card Payment Only – preferably contactless.

6/  Observe Social Distancing – Please try to stay 2 metres apart from other people.  If this is impossible please ensure that the distance is no less than 1 metre.  Please sit back to back or side by side rather than face to face.

7/  Over 18s Only – unfortunately little people find it very difficult to observe social distancing and so we will just be welcoming adults at the moment.

8/  Hand Sanitising – Please sanitise your hands at every opportunity.  There are sanitation stations outside all toilets and the staff carry sanitisers with them.  Don’t be shy to ask for a shot!

9/  Glass Handling – Please don’t touch other people’s glasses or try to return glasses to the bar.  We will collect them safely so just leave them on your table and we’ll get there before too long!

10/ Allow us to Sanitise – If you see people leaving a table and you want to go to it please don’t sit at it until we have sanitised it for you.  Just stand by the table to reserve it and catch a staff member’s eye.

We are really grateful for everyone who is helping us all by abiding by these restrictions.  If people refuse to adopt them we will sadly have to ask them to leave.  Let’s not go there, eh.  If we do all this we can look forward to opening longer hours, serving food and, you never know, we might even get back into the pub.