April 12th 
This is when we will take our first steps towards welcoming customers again.  We will be serving drinks (no food at this stage) outside from 4-8pm weekdays and 12-8 weekends.  We will have gazebos across the front of the pub and, of course, we have the covered patio with heaters at the rear.  This will allow us to provide shelter from the rain for lots of customers but, if the weather is totally filthy, we reserve the right to close early or not open at all.  We will not be taking table reservations so it’s “first come first served”.  In poor weather the garden will remain closed and the playground will not open until 21 June.

May 17th
We will now be allowed to welcome customers inside the pub but with table service only, social distancing and under the rule of six.  We will be opening for our normal hours again (12-11 every day) and food will return, although the obligation for customers to eat whilst they are drinking will not apply (no more substantial scotch eggs then!).  Space inside the pub will be limited but the patio will offer a nice warm overflow facility.  Booking tables will be back and it would certainly make sense to do so, especially at weekends.

June 21st 
Party time!!!!!!! This is when the stools go back in front of the bar, the one-way system vanishes, drinks will be ordered at the bar again and we will be able to begin the return to normality.  Best of all, the Playhouse in the garden, which has been “in mothballs” since we created it, will welcome children again.