I am very proud to have become recognised as a landlord who cares about his beers and who serves them in lovely condition. However, I have to admit that I haven’t paid sufficient attention to my wines in my time here and so now I am raising the quality of my wines to match the quality of my beers.

I have spent many happy hours in tastings and I now believe my wines are as good as you can get for your money. If you like white wines then please try my South African Sauvignon Blanc. It combines the qualities of French and Chilean Sauvignons and even has notes of the nettles and asparagus you get from New Zealand. I think it’s lovely. I have taken Chardonnay off the list and instead I have introduced a fantastic Chenin Blanc from South Africa again. It is breathtakingly crisp and refreshing and is full of lovely green apple flavours.

For those who prefer red wine I have a treat in store for you in my Wildwood Shiraz. The Californian sun ripens this fabulous grape to perfection and you will find your mouth filed with the rich smooth flavours of ripe berries.

I have never been a fan of rose wines but my head has been turned by my Villa Borghetti Pinot Grigio Rose Garganega. The ripe fruit simply delights the palate and lingers to a fine dry finish.

Red Wines
Paso del Sol Merlot (Chille)
El Cipres Malbec (Argentina)
Wildwood Shiraz (USA)

White Wines
Franschoek Cellar Sauvingnon (SA)
Villa Borghetti Pinot Grigio (Italy)
Fish Hoek Chenin Blanc (SA)

Rose Wines
Wildwood Zinfandel (USA)
Villa Borghetti Rose (Italy)

All the same price- 175ml glass £5.50 250ml glass £7.30 Bottle £21

We are in the process of completing a new and full wine list but this is still in its early stages. However, we have a number of excellent wines that are not listed here (a red and white pair from Rioja, for example) and it is always worth asking what we have “behind the scenes”.