We operate a short list of hand-picked wines, all of which are available by the glass or the bottle.

We hope you will be impressed by our Chenin Blanc, which is fast becoming the most popular wine on our list.  It comes from South Africa and it enjoys just enough African sun for it to be beautifully ripe, whilst still retaining  the exciting, crisp characteristics of this lovely grape.  Our Sauvignon Blanc is another great find from South Africa and we hope you will agree that it holds many of the qualities of a New Zealand Sauvignon whilst still being very drinkable with or without food.


Our Shiraz is, in our opinion, a great find.  It comes from Australia but the great news is that, although it is beautifully fruity, it displays a lot of the subtle peppery fruit that you get in a Cotes du Rhone, where they call this grape Syrah.  Our Merlot is soft and generous in its fruit and our Malbec is as good an example of this Argentinian grape as we can find.

If you like a sweeter rose you should try our Wildwood White Zinfandel.  It is  Californian sunshine in a glass with strawberry being the defining flavour.  If you like your rose drier, however, we feel you are in for a treat.  Our Pasquierres Grenache/Cinsaut from Southern France has pushed out Pinot Grigio Blush by simply being a fantastic drink with gorgeous fruit balanced by crisp acidity leading to a lingering finish.


Sauvignon Blanc  Aqueline South Africa 11.5%
Delightfully dry but backed by brilliant gooseberry fruit, this wine, which is made on high ground and is therefore more delicate than many from South Africa, has something for lovers of New Zealand, French or Chilean Sauvignons.  

Pinot Grigio  Sanvigilio Italy 12%
Soft and easy to drink, this Pinot has ripe pear and melon hints and just enough acidity to balance.  Great with or without food.

Chenin Blanc 33 South  South Africa 12%
Crisp and truly refreshing, this is really a bit special.  The classical overtones of green apple are balanced by a hint of honey and a gentle minerality which blend into a memorable drink.

Rose de Provence  Pasquierres Grenache/   12%
You could easily be in Provence when drinking this absolutely lovely dry rose with its overtones of peach and cherry and a background of Charente melon.  Smashing!

White Zinfandel   Wildwood  California 10.5%
Bright pink and bursting with strawberry fruit, this is a sweet rose with attitude.  

Merlot  Casa Copihue  Chille 13%
The Chileans have managed to show off the Merlot grape perfectly here, with soft damson fruit coming together with a nice backbone of bramble.  Very easy drinking.

Malbec   Finca Vista  Argentina 13.5%
The popularity of Malbec just keeps growing and this wine tells you just why.  Wonderfully fruity and full in the mouth it finishes with that unique Malbec bite.

Shiraz  Dry River  South Australia 13.5%
Often an Aussie Shiraz has so much ripe berry fruit that you miss the fact that this is the grape of the Upper Rhone, where they call it Syrah and where it is full of peppery, spicy overtones.  In this wine you get a bit of both and it is wonderful for it.

All wines 125ml glass £4.00, 175ml £5.80, 250ml £7.30, Bottle £23.00