Table Service

The Option

Although we can now go back to getting our drinks from the bar, a number of people have told me that they have liked the table service they have enjoyed through the restrictions and would like it to continue, so this is the plan.

When you arrive in future you will be given the option of ordering your drinks etc. at the bar or having us come to your table and serving you there.  If you opt for table service all your drinks and food will be added up at the end of your visit and you will be charged a “Table Charge” of 10% of your total bill.
This “Table Charge” is not instead of a tip – it is simply a contribution which will enable me to pay the extra staff I will need to employ in order to provide this service.  If you have been well looked after by my staff please do not hesitate to leave them a tip.  They would be very grateful!

I really hope that, by offering this service, I will be able to make your visit here and close to perfect as I can.