Our Drinks

Our Real Ales and Traditional Ciders

We don’t have a policy of running “permanent” ales here.  What we like to do instead is to rotate guest ales until we find one which is particularly popular and give it a run on the bar.  What we always do, though, is try to ensure that we always offer a proper variety of strengths, styles and colours to ensure there will be something on the bar for everybody.  

We are very keen to support local brewers and there will always be a “locale” beer on our bar.  However, we also appreciate that there are lovely beers brewed all over the UK and we like to offer the very best of those alongside the local brews.

We attempt to stock the very best quality ales and keep them in perfect condition and this was borne out by our most recent Cask Marque visit, in which we achieved 5 out of 5 on all six of our ales.

We are passionate about our ales and promote the “try before you buy” policy.  Our staff are all knowledgeable and will be keen to talk you through our range and ensure you get to drink a beer you will really enjoy.

We are also keen on real ciders and, as well as offering two lovely keg versions, we also pour two still ciders direct from the cask in the cellar behind the bar.  You will find our current selection at the end of the list of ales.


We offer a wide choice of lagers here, some which are brewed in the UK and some which are brewed in their country of origin. We sell Fosters and Amstel for those who like a "session" lager, Heineken (which is brewed in Amsterdam), and the magnificent imported Krusovice Imperial. We also serve Purity Lawless - an English lager brewed with true passion up near Worcester.

Craft Keg

We have one pump which is dedicated to big tasting beers which are served cold and fizzy. In spite of the fact that our landlord proudly states that he "went to war against keg" back in the 1970s, modern craft keg is a completely different beast and you will find a number of stunning IPAs appearing in rotation on this pump.


Symonds Founders Reserve 4.5%
A pale, crisp and refreshing keg cider with good acidity balanced against some very nice fruit.

Hogs Back Hazy Hog 5.0%
A slightly cloudy and delightfully fruity keg cider. Made by one of the best cider makers in the West Country for Hogs Back, this is very nice indeed.

Please scroll down to see our guest ales and our “coming soons”

Amagansett APA


A gloriously rich and satisfying American pale ale with four American hops to give great aroma and flavour. The name comes from the American native word for "place of good water". The malt and hops are pretty good too! NOW POURING




A red ale with new world hops and intense spicy flavours. IN THE CELLAR


Citra Sonic

Triple fff

Crisp and very citric but with a solid malt backbone. Very nice. IN THE CELLAR


Downland Best


A traditional brown British bitter, made with love. NOW POURING


Exmoor Gold

Exmoor Ales

A rich golden beer - probably the first of the new age of these, with a taste like oaked chardonnay! IN THE CELLAR


Mad Goose

Purity Ales

A fabulous blend of generous malt and new-world hops creates our most popular guest beer (record time on and off the bar 3.5 hours Fri 27 Oct 17). Tropical fruit, crisp bitterness and a lingering finish. IN THE CELLAR


Pilcrow Pale

Dorking Brewery

As the name suggests, we have another pale beer here but this is one with a real difference. The use of Japanese hops gives the beer a resinous finish and a hint of pine. Startling! NOW POURING


Proper Job

St Austel

Strikingly big, hoppy and citric, this pale bitter is a shining example of the way this Cornish brewery has come on in leaps and bounds over recent years. NOW POURING


Ringwood 49er


A deeply rich best bitter, deep gold in colour and full of ripe fruit flavours. Do you get banana? IN THE CELLAR


Sussex Bitter


Quite rightly a revered Sussex brown bitter, with its velvety rich malt balanced by intriguing "musty" contributions from its ancient yeast. A classic old fashioned English beer. HAVING A RUN


Two Horses


A delightfully mouth-filling session bitter from our neighbours with fruity overtones and a lovely crisp finish. NOW POURING


Washington Gold

Dorking Brewery

A deep gold, round and mouthfilling session beer with a glorious bitter finish. IN THE CELLAR


Lily the Pink

Celtic Marches

Beautifully fruity and balanced with a hint of pink coming from the pressed skins of the 100% cider apples they use.


Thatchers Cheddar Valley Draught Cider

Thatchers Cider

The colour of this unique cider gives it a vibrant character all of its own for those who want an alternative refreshing drink with a touch of natural sparkle.